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Welcome to BlindBoyPaxton.com. Yes, this is a tribute website to the one and only Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton but it is more than just that. First of all, this isn’t any fan site. It is a purely informational website for music lovers of a particular genre. And because Paxton’s musical prowess stretches past more than a single genre, he is the perfect ambassador for more than just the blues.

For those with hardly any idea about these classical genre of music, you are at the right place. We dive deep into the different musical genres but also spend some time talking of Paxton himself and many artists like him who influenced the modern day Jazz, Blue and Classical circuit in the Western hemisphere. Granted, these genres are gradually fading away into the dust but their proponents and supporters are far from done. Every single musical genre today has its roots in either Jazz or the Blues. This holds true for the popular Pop and Rock genres too that gradually made their change from their ancestral musical roots.

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